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No food? Venue not answering?

Debra, 27 Feb 2021

No food? Venue not answering???

Debra, 27 Feb 2021


Mohammed, 17 Feb 2021

Disappointed in the length of wait but otherwise pleased

Ann, 30 Jan 2021

Disappointed in length of wait but other wise good

Ann, 30 Jan 2021


Sanet, 29 Jan 2021

food was nearly cold when arrived nearly hour and half late and the chips were overcooked no notification was going to be late either :/

Samantha, 23 Jan 2021

Too long..... I have even tried the taste disappointed

Donatas, 23 Jan 2021

2 hours and 45 mins later and still no food? Was told at 2115 it be 30 mins. What on earth is happening tonight?

Simon, 23 Jan 2021

I ordered this evening 24/01/21 at 1915 and was given a 90 mins wait time. Its now 2120, and after calling Ive been told another 30 mins. Its Not good enough for so called fast food. I Wont be ordering from here again. I can understand covid causing problems but a 2 and 3/4 hour wait for food is ridiculous. Update your website frequently to assist in orders

Simon, 23 Jan 2021

Took over 2 hours to arrive, when we called to ask where it was the person on the phone was rude! crap service

Simon, 15 Jan 2021


Rachel, 14 Jan 2021

Very slow

Gavin, 09 Jan 2021

Half hour late and chow mein and chilli beef wasn’t exactly warm. Wouldn’t mind normally but had better service on Christmas Eve.

Gemma, 02 Jan 2021

Waited 3 hours called twice was told it’s on the way . Turned up stone cold first and last time we would use this service again

Lorraine, 02 Jan 2021

Stated 2 hours for delivery - still waiting nearly 4 hours on. Not helpful when we phoned up either

Annabel, 24 Dec 2020

I get that it’s Christmas Eve and your busy but if you have a countdown to your order and that says collect in 30 mins then it should be ready.. I even tracked my order before I turned out as I knew that you would be busy.. if my order wasn’t ready then why was the timer not updated online ..sat outside in the freezing cold for another 30 minutes now and still it’s not ready

Stacey, 24 Dec 2020

Cannot believe how slow this order has been. I ordered 2 hours ago and it has still not been delivered. Phoned up to find out where the order was and had a load of rubbish told to me by the person that answered the phone, excuses after excuses and each one was different from it being the week before Christmas, then she was waiting for the driver, then saying if she could make the kitchen work quicker she would! What excuse was it?? Who knows - disgusting service - then told me it was going to be at least another half hour. She told me that it was a 2 hour wait and when I said on Big Foodie it said an hour and a half, her reply was I shouldn’t take any notice and should phone the shop direct - I let her know that my crystal ball was cloudy tonight and how was I supposed to know that

Cheryl, 19 Dec 2020

Crap won't shop again

Dean, 19 Dec 2020

Not the best burnt chicken balls which are processed meat chips was all like cardboard

Dean, 19 Dec 2020

First time of using as we decided to try somewhere new. This was a birthday meal for my wife. Took 3 hours and two phone calls to deliver. Not even hot when it arrived. And charged for delivery and service charge.

Andrew Pick, 06 Dec 2020

The app said a 90 minute wait which we was fine with and placed our order. 1 hour and 50 minutes later it still wasn’t here so I rang only to be told it was going to be another 30-40 minute wait!!! This isn’t acceptable! If I’d know that at they point of order I’d have never ordered! Now I have cancelled my order and will have to wait for a refund to which they didn’t know when would be processed?

Tanya, 05 Dec 2020


Phillip, 05 Dec 2020

Never got food,It never arrived, ordered online in advance. Shit service no answer ti o phone calls too busy DO NOT USE

Phillip, 05 Dec 2020

Left my can of coke out of my order

Crystal Truscott, 21 Nov 2020

  Reply : Hello Crystal truscott, I have double checked your order but didn't see any drinks with your order.thankyou

You have my old number this is my new one!

Sophie, 29 Oct 2020